Energy efficiency is currently a prevalent topic among homeowners looking to cut back on their energy use: the more a system or device is energy efficient, the more energy savings they can receive.

One of the places to try and increase your efficiency rating is your central air conditioning system.

Having an air conditioner with an energy efficiency ratio makes the most sense, and the features that come along with it make it an attractive improvement to your home. Knowing what your house needs are vital to reducing your energy bills and improving your efficiency ratings.

Hiring a licensed & insured team such as the professionals here at Chills On Wheels in Jacksonville, FL, will help you install the perfect cooling system for your home.


Whether you choose a split system, an indoor unit, or an outdoor system, your ac unit needs to run optimally to reach its maximum potential or your home air quality.

One of the ways that your energy efficiency rating is determined is by the SEER ratings (seasonal energy efficiency rating).

Your SEER rating is determined by the indoor cooling ability of your air conditioner divided by the amount of wattage used per hour to help maintain the temperature in your home.

Knowing your SEER doesn’t necessarily determine the capacity that your cooling system will operate. In fact, it’s the opposite; this number is the maximum efficiency rate for your ac unit.

The seer ratings are a standard and a great way to help determine your air conditioner’s performance while being an effective tool for comparing numbers for your new potential central ac system.

Some central air conditioners are also rated by the EER (energy efficiency rating) that helps to rank the peak efficiency of your central air conditioner. If your temperature constantly reflects summer heat, then the EER is the number rating you want to consider when making your purchase.

What Makes Up a Great SEER Rating?

The minimum standard for air conditioners is a SEER rating between 13-14. These are the numbers for new models that don’t specialize in high efficiency.

Newer HVAC system models tend to float above 18 on the SEER rating scale. Many of your energy star units consistently, but the Lennox XC25 comes out on the top of the mountain, coming in at a 26 seer rating.

This unit is the best split system model you can buy and is the premier choice for many homes.

Simply upgrading your air conditioner to a new, energy-efficient outdoor unit will reduce your energy bill and increase your energy savings by up to 60%.


Which Brands Are The Best For Heating And Cooling?

While thinking about which air conditioner brand is ideal for your budget, you need to figure out what is more important for your home’s temperature needs. Some of the leading brands include:

  • Trane (Best for quality)
  • Amana (Best savings)
  • Carrier (Best for reliability)
  • Lennox (Best for efficiency rating)
  • Rheem (Best offered warranty)


Whichever brand you choose, your savings will be reflected in the coming months due to the money you’ll save from upgrading your central air conditioners.

Regardless if you’re updating your outdoor unit or installing an indoor unit, the cost associated with choosing a new model will be a benefit in the end.



Whether you’re in the market for a new air conditioner or wanting to upgrade your model to an energy-star rated unit, we are here to install your new air conditioning units. New models will spend less energy, decrease the average cost of your home’s utility bill, and increase the amount of cooled air that will circulate throughout your home.

If you’re looking for a way to decrease energy use, improve your indoor air quality, and want an energy star air conditioner unit installed to pump cool air throughout your home, call the licensed & insured professionals at Chills On Wheels in Jacksonville, FL. Our years of experience, competitive rates, and lots of positive reviews make us the only choice for your cooling needs.

Call us today at (904) 379-1606 or┬álet’s set up a time to see if a newer air conditioner can save you money!


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