With environmental concerns and being more energy efficient in the spotlight these days, more homeowners are considering their options when it comes to HVAC systems. Typically, the AC uses more energy than anything else in your home. It can account for more than 20% of your total electric bill and when it gets hot outside, up to 70% of your bill. An energy-efficient HVAC system will not only save you money on your electric bill; it will also increase your comfort level.

Bigger is NOT always better!


When it comes to energy-efficient HVAC systems, bigger is not always better. The first step is to determine the size of the system that is needed using Load Calculations. An oversized unit will end up costing you more money upfront and on your maintenance costs and energy bills.

The cooling load calculation involves two factors: the moisture in the air and the temperature of the air. Performing a room-by-room cooling load calculation is a sensible approach when designing an energy-efficient HVAC system. Room-by-room calculations are preferable because of the unique features of each room such as what direction the windows face.

The Seasonal HVAC Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) computes the energy efficiency of cooling equipment based on a seasonal average rather than specific conditions. The U.S. Department of Energy requires a minimum SEER of 14 for all new systems in Florida. The latest top efficiency systems have SEER ratings topping out between 20 and 28.

When it comes to comparing SEERs, think of it as comparing different gas mileage ratings when you are buying a new car. A car that gets 30 miles per gallon is obviously better than a car that only gets 18 miles per gallon if saving money is important in your decision. Typically these cars will cost more upfront and spare you the high gas costs. It’s the same with ACs: The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient it is (meaning you’ll spend less on monthly utility bills). But higher SEER units are also more expensive to purchase and install.

One of the worst mistakes you can make when purchasing new HVAC equipment is choosing a unit that’s the wrong size for the space. Especially if the unit you are replacing was not providing adequate heating or air cooling, you may be tempted to go with a more powerful unit thinking it will provide more comfortable conditions. The experts at Chills On Wheels Heating & Air can make these calculations for you and give you an honest recommendation on the size unit that fits your needs.

Smart Thermostats can help you save your money and your equipment!


With your energy costs dropping by installing a new energy-efficient HVAC system, you can further reduce your costs by having a new Smart Thermostat installed and throwing out the older traditional model. Smart Thermostats, also known as Wi-Fi Thermostats and Digital Wireless Thermostats, have remote connectivity capability. This means you can adjust your settings when you are away from your home! Many will also allow you to set the temperatures to change at certain times of the day. Imagine going on vacation and being able to adjust your thermostat from your phone! No more turning off your AC when you are out of town only to come home to a hot or cold house.

Regular Maintenance Plans are needed to keep your system efficient! 

Sign up for a Preventative Maintenance Plan! We cannot stress this enough to our customers! All of your efforts on saving money through energy costs are thrown out the window if you are not having your new system properly maintained. Your system might be working, but unnoticeable problems like dirty coils could lower your system’s efficiency. Regular filter changes are also critical in keeping your system running efficiently. Chills On Wheels Heating & Air offers three affordable maintenance plans to make sure your system is up to par and keeping you comfortable!

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Our highly trained and experienced technicians are always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding conserving energy and lowering your costs. We offer FREE estimates on new energy-efficient HVAC systems. Give us a call or visit us online to book your appointment today! Click Here to Schedule Now!


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