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Chills on Wheels AC & Heating Repair partners with Filtertime’s air filter subscription service.

Are you tired of forgetting to buy and replace your air filters? Especially now, it’s as important as ever to make sure you have clean air in your home to keep you, your family, and your pets healthy. That’s why we’re excited to partner with FilterTime™, a subscription service that makes replacing your air filter as easy as ever. Owned by NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Blake Koch, they know a thing or two about moving fast.

The box of your exact filters, delivered right to your door, is your new reminder that it’s time to replace them. Just select your size, quality, and shipping schedule, and you can check air filters off your to-do list for good. Same cost as the store, FREE shipping, and you can cancel with a click of a button if for some reason you’re not happy. Start your subscription today!

Air Filters Delivered To Your Home

Most manufacturers suggest replacing the air filter in your home every 90 days. You should replace your home air filters even sooner if you have allergies or pets. Efficient HVAC filters can lead to better indoor air quality, a lower monthly energy bill, and will help extend the lifetime of your HVAC system.

Filtertime™ carries all of the most common air filter sizes, and many hard to find sizes as well. You can even create a custom size filter that fits your exact needs. Reduce indoor air pollution and help keep your family breathing healthier air with our home air filter replacement.

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