As a homeowner, you are always looking for a way to save money. One way to cut into the cost that your home is outputting is to address your energy bill. Looking to change your home’s energy consumption is a great way to control your monthly budget.

Here’s a fun fact: The average cost for the American electric bill in the United States is $117.65 a month, with the kilowatt-hour (or kwh) increasing to just over thirteen cents. That might not seem like a lot at first but think about how many devices in your home that use electricity are part of your energy consumption problem.

Even making changes in your home that could reduce that output a little bit by just 20% can save homeowners hundreds of dollars.


When it comes to making changes in your home, there are usually two terms that you have seen thrown around in the general public: conservation and efficiency.

Even on new appliances, one of the things that they tout is the energy star logo (the product is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency that will help you save money while protecting the environment through their energy-efficient products and practices) is a sign that their considered product is reducing energy use, eco-friendly, and is essentially built to save you money.

The differences between energy conservation & energy efficiency are as follows:

Energy Conservation means that you take steps to avoid all unnecessary energy usage like unplugging electronics that aren’t currently being used in your home while being mindful of the energy use that your home uses by taking steps to eliminate the need of draining electricity

Energy Efficiency has you taking steps to improve your home to make it more comfortable to live in. Changes like installing a smart thermostat that automatically keeps your home’s internal temperature set it upgrading your HVAC system to a new, energy-saving model not only increases your comfort levels but saves on your bottom line.

From installing new windows and doors to buying new energy-saving equipment/appliances, here are a few tips for cutting your electricity bill and saving energy.

Have An Energy Audit Performed In Your Home

Energy audits are designed to tell you just how efficiently your home is using energy. Seeking help from your respective utility company (which could be a free service, depending on where you live) is a great starting point in making change. The primary purpose of this is to discover the main areas to reduce your electricity bill per year.

Remove Sources Of Phantom Energy

There are many devices and appliances within your home that draw energy without even being actively used. Things like your Keurig or toaster may be constantly plugged in, but how often are you using these devices?

Take the time to unplug these items, and be sure to shut down completely (not sleep) your home computer as your PC draws lots of power. Even unplugging your TV can make a drastic change in your energy bill and is one of the ways to save money.

Let Your Clothes Dry Outside

Your washer and dryer are large consumers of energy, and one of the best ways to cut that cost is to let your clothing and linens dry outside on a line. Not only does this let nature take care of drying your clothes, but there is something about having your garments dried outside that provides them with a freshness that you can’t replicate inside of your dryer. Take advantage of those spring & summer months and let the sun warm through your clothes.

Clean Your Refridgerator Coils & Keep Your Fridge And Freezer Full

Another resource hog, your fridge, eats a lot of energy. Take the time to have the coils on the back of your fridge cleaned so that it requires less energy needed to keep your food cool properly.

Speaking of food, always try to make it a habit of keeping your refrigerator and freezer full. Most people know that constantly opening and closing the door will let the cold air escape, causing the unit to power up to restore the internal climate. Still, the food inside also acts as insulation for your fridge, assisting in keeping it cool.

Keep Sunlight Out Of Your Home

The sun is a beautiful thing to look at, especially in the morning; however, the sun is also a heat source in your home. Direct sunlight will heat your home very quickly, increase the need to turn up the air conditioning and increase your electricity use.  Keep blinds closed on your windows, and this should help with the temperature in your house.

Receive Regular HVAC Maintenance Services

Something to keep in mind is your air conditioning unit. Your HVAC system makes up a significant portion of the heating and cooling costs in your home. Having annual maintenance on your HVAC system will help reduce the amount on your bills and is one of the ways to reduce costs. It’s also a way to keep your unit performing in peak condition, help save energy, and prevent malfunctions to your unit, resulting in even more expensive repairs.

Along with maintenance, be sure to have your filters cleaned. Cleaning these filters every thirty days will help with the heating and cooling fees associated with your HVAC unit.

Begin Using LED Lighting Sources

Traditional light bulbs tend to eat a lot of electricity in the home. One of the ways to reduce your electricity rates is to switch over to LED lights. They are energy efficient, reduce heat in your home, most are energy-star rated, and could be controlled by a smart device.

Another benefit to these lights is that they are easy to install and don’t increase the electricity bill.

Make Use Of Your Ceiling Fans

If you’ve bought a home recently, the chances are that they have a ceiling fan installed. Make use of these fans. Ceiling fans will help to circulate hot air to cooler sources and quickly cool down your home, especially in the summer months.


Taking steps to improve performance in your home is a positive step to take. From installing a programmable thermostat to turning off power strips, there are many things that you can take to reduce electricity usage in your home. Your air conditioner could be a place where you haven’t even thought about addressing, and Chills On Wheels in Jacksonville, FL, will help to get your home running optimally.

Our team of licensed & insured professionals have years of experience, lots of positive reviews, and competitive rates to not only help reduce your electric bill but keep your home cold in the summer and warm during the fall and winter months. Don’t wait to receive our outstanding AC Maintenance services; call us today at (904) 379-1606 or click here to get started!


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