How Often Does AC Need To Be Serviced

Almost all household appliances’ efficiency and longevity are dependent on their maintenance culture. It is natural for a piece of equipment to lose efficiency over time due to wear and tear. Routine maintenance, on the other hand, can keep most appliances running like new for years.

Inadequate maintenance can cause your air conditioner to struggle to function, resulting in decreased efficiency and durability issues. Perhaps you’re wondering how frequently you should have your air conditioner serviced; Keep reading to find out.

Air Conditioner Maintenance: How Often Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need Servicing?

HVAC professionals recommend that you service your air conditioners at least once a year, and the same goes for your heating system. While general inspections and cleanings are a good idea throughout the year, scheduling routine maintenance for your HVAC system is critical. If properly maintained, an air conditioner can last for 15 years or more.

When Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioners?

The best time to service your air conditioning system is in the spring, and the best time to service your heating system is in the fall. Because the weather is pleasant in the spring, your HVAC contractor will focus on necessary tune-ups and cleaning to ensure that all components of your cooling system are in good working.

What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Thermostat Calibration

The thermostat functions as the HVAC system’s brain, telling it when to turn it on and off. If the thermostat’s calibration is incorrect, your space will not be adequately cooled. If necessary, your AC technician will test and recalibrate the thermostat.

Weak batteries can also cause the thermostat to malfunction. When you see the low battery sign, change the batteries or have your HVAC technician replace them during the annual maintenance.

Coil Cleaning

Every ac system features a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. The indoor coil removes heat and moisture from your space, while the outdoor coil cools and returns the refrigerant to the indoor coil.

When the coils become dirty, your air conditioner becomes less efficient; therefore, cleaning them once or twice a year is critical to preserving the integrity and efficiency of your AC.

Ductwork Cleaning

The duct system is the superhighway that transports cool and warm air throughout your home. Because the dust and dirt trapped in your air filter traveled with the cold air, your vents may be filthy.

Cleaning your ducts is not only recommended; it is required.

Air Filter Replacement

You might not realize how important air filter replacement is until you need it. Dirty air filters put pressure on AC units and restrict air flow, limiting the amount of cool air that enters your home.

Drain Line Cleaning

A condensate pan is included with every air conditioner to collect condensation. The liquid in the condensate tray is then discharged from the unit through a pipe that leads outside your home. A clogged condensate drain can be extremely dangerous.

Because of the heat, your air conditioner will produce more condensation during the summer months. Before each cooling season, schedule annual maintenance to check the drain line.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Better Air Quality

Cleaning out your ducts and replacing your air filters can help improve your cold air supply and air quality. If you neglect regular air conditioner servicing, accumulated particulate matter in the duct system may spread throughout your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Part of AC maintenance includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning fan blades.
  • Tuning up the unit.
  • Cleaning the coils.
  • Other essential components.

Cleaner coils provide a better air supply while saving more energy than dirty coils. HVAC maintenance promises increased efficiency and lower energy costs.


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Little to No Repairs or Service Calls

Annual AC service and heating system maintenance may appear unnecessary, but it is necessary and worthwhile. Servicing your HVAC system is preventative maintenance, as HVAC professionals ensure your AC unit is in good working order and repair minor issues before they become major issues.

Increased Lifespan

Well-maintained HVAC systems last longer than neglected ones. An annual AC service can help your system exceed its expected 15-year life span.

Other benefits of regular maintenance include:

  • Improved reliability.
  • Reduced wear and tear.
  • Lower ownership cost.

How Long Does HVAC Maintenance Take?

Annual air conditioning maintenance typically takes 1 to 2 hours, though this can vary depending on several factors. AC type, house size, and AC repair are among the factors.

How Do You Know If Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance?

  • If your air conditioner begins to make more noise than usual, the air filter may be clogged. Replace or clean the filter. If the noise persists, or if you hear rumble or chatter, call a professional to inspect
  • If the unit takes longer to cool a room, the coolant may be low, or something may be obstructing the supply of cool air.
  • If you notice your air conditioner using a lot of energy, have a professional diagnose and fix the problem.

Benefits of AC Maintenance Contracts

Priority Service

If you sign up for a maintenance contract, you won’t have to wait long for an AC specialist to arrive in the event of an emergency.

Discounts on Parts and Accessories

AC repairs can be costly, with some services costing thousands of dollars. For example, if your air compressor fails, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to replace it because your air conditioner won’t work without it.

A regular customer will pay the full price for parts and repair services, whereas a maintenance contract provides discounts on certain parts, accessories, and services.

Let Chill on Wheels Heating & Air Handle Your Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Air conditioning systems are expensive appliances that should not be tampered with by amateurs. We have the resources at Chill on Wheels to handle all HVAC-related services, including installations, servicing, and repairs.

Our primary goal is to provide a satisfactory service by ensuring that your unit operates at peak efficiency with little to no need for future repairs. Our factory-trained HVAC technicians are well-versed in all aspects of heating and cooling.

We are excited to serve you. Please call us at 904-379-1606. We provide HVAC services for both homes and businesses.

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