How Long Does An AC Unit Last

Since they offer a cooling system throughout the whole summer, air conditioning systems, often known as AC units, play a crucial function in many homes and other structures.

However, because of their finite lifespan, these parts will inevitably need to be replaced at some point.

Knowing the lifespan of an air conditioner may be useful for residents and property managers, as it will help them plan for replacement and  AC maintenance.

What is the lifespan of an AC unit? Well, there are a number of variables that will affect how long an AC unit lasts, and we will look at them below:

Everything you need to know about an AC unit

The type of unit, the quality of the component, and the level of maintenance given to it are just a few of the many factors that could affect how long an air conditioning unit lasts.

The majority of central air conditioning systems have a lifespan that typically lasts between 10 and 15 years.

This is simply a preliminary estimate, and an item’s actual lifespan may differ greatly depending on its model, manufacturer, and maintenance history.

Due to their smaller size and lower power output compared to central air conditioners, window air conditioners sometimes have a shorter lifespan, ranging from five to eight years, while portable air conditioning systems have a lifespan of about three to five years.

Things to do to increase the lifespan of how long air conditioners last

Although the expected lifespan of AC units is estimated, there are still some things that can be done to increase the life expectancy of your AC unit.

Check to See That Your Air Conditioner Is Installed Correctly

When installing an air conditioner, you might not give much thought to how long it will last on average, but how it is installed could have a big impact on that. You must collaborate with a contractor who possesses the required skills for the job.

Changing the Air Filters

Regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter is often required for air conditioner maintenance. A filter’s lifespan typically ranges from two to three months, however, it can differ greatly depending on the type of filter and its environment of use.


air conditioner lifespan


Increase the Quality of Your Home’s Insulation

One of the most crucial elements that affect how effectively an air conditioner functions is insulation. In order to keep the conditioned air inside the house, where it belongs, insulation works in concert with an air conditioner. Because of this, whenever you perform maintenance on your home, you should check to determine if your insulation needs to be upgraded.

Regular maintenance is performed on your air conditioner by a trained technician.

The expert will perform a complete cleaning of the equipment, check it for any signs of wear or damage, and then perform any necessary changes or repairs. This may keep your air conditioning system running consistently and effectively for many years to come, as well as help discover and prevent minor issues before they grow into major issues.

Inspection of the Outdoor Unit

The outside unit, often known as a condenser when speaking in more generic terms, is the true workhorse of your air conditioning system. Debris and stones can get stuck within the unit whenever there are periods of severe weather.

This debris may then cause the fan to malfunction and might perhaps cause damage or a leak in the pipes if it gets in the way when the fan is working.

After a storm, it is thus a good idea to do a visual inspection of the unit to check for any obvious signs of damage, particularly before the heating and cooling season begins.

Regular Tune-ups

Routine maintenance on the HVAC system, as with mechanical items, is the best way to avoid a catastrophic and financially devastating breakdown. Even though HVAC systems don’t need a lot of maintenance, it can’t be said enough how important it is to check on and clean them on a regular basis.


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Signs that air conditioning systems need to be replaced or maintained

When an air conditioning unit reaches the end of its useful life, it becomes less efficient, more expensive to repair and maintain, and no longer capable of adequately cooling a building or home. A more detailed explanation follows:

It’s been over ten years since you replaced your air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is due for replacement, now is the time to start saving for it. Air conditioners, unlike furnaces, are frequently installed outside, where they are subjected to a wider range of temperatures throughout the year. As a result, their life expectancy is drastically reduced.

Your air conditioners have frequent mechanical failures.

If you have a skilled professional perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner, you should not have any problems with it breaking down during the hot summer months.

Many common air conditioning problems are caused by a lack of maintenance; thus, keeping your unit well-maintained is the best way to avoid these problems.

Before the warm weather season arrives, an HVAC professional in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can identify and repair any problems with your air conditioner.

Given this, there is cause for concern if your air conditioning unit frequently malfunctions despite routine maintenance. It is possible that you will not require a new air conditioning unit right away; however, you should begin planning for the possibility that you will.

Your energy Bills have shot up

Your monthly energy bill should be reasonably consistent, with only minor fluctuations caused by the operation of your heating and cooling systems. If your energy consumption patterns have not changed but your monthly payment has increased significantly, you may need to replace your current air conditioner with a newer model.

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