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The average homeowner never stops to think about the ductwork in their home. When a problem arises, they may not suspect this component in the HVAC system is at fault. However, ductwork can cause many problems in a residence. When the system attempts to distribute treated air throughout the home, the problem may become apparent, as the home doesn’t cool properly.

Leaky, inefficient ducts bring about many of these problems. When the ducts leak, the HVAC system must work harder to bring the home to the desired temperature. The homeowner will find their energy bills are rising and they never seem to get comfortable.

Call Chills on Wheels and we’ll send a technician out to examine the HVAC system and determine where the problem lies. If it originates in the ductwork, we will recommend solutions. Whether the repair involves duct sealing or you are in need of Ductwork Installation, our team can help.

Common Problems Seen with Ductwork

When the ductwork in a home develops an issue, homeowners often notice rooms in the home don’t cool evenly. What leads to this common issue?

When one or more ducts in the system leak, the treated air never makes it to the destination. It seeps out of the ductwork on its way. As a result, the system must work harder to ensure all rooms in the home remain at a comfortable temperature.

In certain situations, the ductwork lacks the proper insulation. The HVAC system is forced to cool the ductwork before it begins cooling rooms in the home. This leads to rising energy bills and certain rooms in the home never reaching the desired temperature.

Another issue involves airflow. When there is an imbalance in the airflow resulting from the location of one or more registers, some rooms will get cooler than others. Occupants of the home may find they avoid using certain rooms because they are either too hot or too cold. Chills on Wheels will assess the system and conduct any ductwork repair needed to bring your home to a comfortable temperature again.

Heat Transfer Issues

Many homeowners discover their ductwork lies in an unconditioned attic. This leads to hundreds of dollars being lost each year to heat transfer. Duct sealing helps to improve the efficiency of the system while eliminating any leaks.

As you walk through the home, you see the supply and return registers. The actual ductwork remains hidden in floors, ceilings, and more. Any defect in the system can lead to waste, as the defect forces the system to run longer to cool the home.

When a Chills on Wheels technician visits the home, they test the duct system to ensure it provides adequate airflow. This test also finds any leaks that are contributing to heat transfer. Sealing the ducts helps to resolve these issues.

In addition, our technician may recommend duct insulation in unconditioned areas. This insulation prevents heat loss while boosting the efficiency of the system. At this time, the technician may also recommend the installation of transfer grills or jumper ducts. These components equalize the supply and return air to balance the system.

Our technician will provide information on why they recommend certain solutions. We want customers to feel confident they are making the right choices for their homes. If you have any questions, ask. We will be happy to answer them.

The Importance of Clean Ducts

Did you know the ductwork in your home could be hiding dust, dirt, and germs? Every time you use the HVAC system, these contaminants make their way to every room in the home via the ductwork system. Request duct cleaning and remove these pollutants to improve the air quality in the home and increase the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Our service removes allergens that contribute to allergy and sinus issues. The specialized equipment we use removes the debris and dirt that have built up on the ductwork walls while ensuring this debris doesn’t make its way into the home.

A musty smell from the AC system suggests your ducts need to be cleaned. The same holds when your allergy and sinus problems are escalating. Finally, if you find you must dust the home more frequently, your ductwork may be the problem. Call us to examine the system and we’ll determine what needs to be done to provide you and your loved ones with clean air to breathe.

Ductwork installation serves as only part of the process when it comes to keeping your home in Jacksonville cool. This system must be maintained and cleaned to operate efficiently. Furthermore, problems need to be detected early before they require costly and extensive repairs. Chills on Wheels is here to help customers with any ductwork needs. Let us know your problem, and we’ll fix it in a flash.

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