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Commercial HVAC Installation

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Commercial HVAC Replacement & New Installation

Do you want to keep the HVAC systems at your business running smoothly all year round? If it is time to upgrade an outdated, inefficient HVAC system, trust the pros at Chills on Wheels in the Jacksonville, FL, area to provide professional commercial HVAC installation.

It is essential to have commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for any commercial building to make your employees and customers comfortable. A commercial HVAC system provides heating, cooling, and ventilation through a network of connected structures to cool the levels and spaces within a commercial building.

Often, commercial HVAC systems either use infrared or heat pumps for heat and chiller systems for cooling. Both methods require proper ventilation to release the harmful pollutants created by the system and cooling airflow for efficiency.

new hvac units on a commercial building

Trust the pros at Chills on Wheels to install an HVAC system that is efficient and cost-effective for your commercial space.

old commercial hvac unit removed with crane from building
We remove your old HVAC unit.
new commercial hvac unit placed with crane from building
We place your new HVAC unit.
hvac tech completing the install of new commercial hvac system
We complete the install.

When is it time to install a new commercial HVAC system?

Typically commercial HVAC systems last 15 – 20 years. After this time, they are less efficient, which will increase your utility bills. It could also make it uncomfortable for employees and customers, which will decrease their efficiency, and your customers won't want to stay as long.

What is the process of having a commercial HVAC installed?

For new construction, our team will evaluate the layout of the building and the climate conditions of the area. We then take these requirements and find the most efficient and affordable system to meet the building's heating, cooling, and ventilation needs.

Your clients and staff will be happy and healthy with a new commercial HVAC installation at your business or building. Come to us for affordable and professional commercial HVAC installation in Jacksonville, FL, today. We provide a wide range of the latest makes and models of HVAC systems for any commercial building.

Choose Chills on Wheels to replace or install your new AC system.

We are here to help with you AC HVAC system replacement and installation needs. Give us a call, we will go over the available equpment options and answer any questions you have regarding your Commercial HVAC system.


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At the end of each job, our workers use hand sanitizer as well as dispose of the foot coverings, so there is no cross-contamination. At the end of every shift, we clean and spray down all equipment and vehicles.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and are quarantined, please let us know before our arrival.

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