Commercial AC Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL

Maintaining the right indoor temperature is crucial to the comfort, safety, and productivity of your work environment. If customers and employees are sweltering and suffering when they enter the premises, it’s time to give us a call. The HVAC technicians at Chills on Wheels are here to help you and your workers breathe easier any time of the day or night. With scheduled maintenance and emergency services, we’re always here to help. Call us today to learn about our range of HVAC services for business owners.

Signs That It’s Time to Schedule Commercial HVAC Repair

There are a few obvious signs that an AC needs repair. For instance, when the unit won’t turn on or it blows hot air, it’s time to schedule service. Other indicators, however, aren’t so evident. Here are a few common problems for Jacksonville’s business owners to look for.

  • Excessive vibration or noise during AC operation or startup
  • A unit that hums but has a non-functional fan
  • A fan that runs but a compressor that doesn’t
  • Water accumulating around the AC unit

At Chills on Wheels, we’re proud to tackle even the toughest commercial HVAC repairs. Call or click today to schedule Commercial AC services.

There’s No Problem We Can’t Solve

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are complex, with hundreds of moving parts. Our factory trained technicians can solve problems including:


A lack of power. Tripped breakers and faulty wiring may easily cut power to an HVAC unit, as can overheating that shuts the entire system down. Our HVAC service and repair technicians will address the root causes of these problems and prevent them from reappearing.

A broken or worn fan belt. If your building’s HVAC unit is making squeaking or squealing sounds, it may be due to a broken or worn fan belt. Call us to replace this important component before costlier repairs are needed.


Refrigerant leaks. Hissing sounds typically indicate refrigerant leaks, which are bad for the environment and for the system’s efficiency. Our technicians can fix leaks and recharge commercial HVAC systems.


Frozen evaporator coils. If there’s warm air coming out of the vents, it’s likely due to a frozen evaporator coil. This problem usually results from poor air circulation, low refrigerant levels, continuous use, and other causes. A Chills on Wheels technician will find and address the cause of your system’s frozen coils.


Fan motor failure. A functioning fan moves air throughout a building. If the fan motor is broken or failing, however, it’s important to replace it as quickly as possible.


A non-working compressor. If your system’s fan is working but there’s warm air coming from the vents, the compressor may be to blame. As these components are expensive, it’s best to review your repair and replacement options with one of our friendly, knowledgeable technicians.

A clogged condensate drain. Dirt, debris, insects, and algae may collect in a system’s condensate drain, leading to water damage and other problems. Our technicians can flush these systems and reduce the risks of future clogs.


Don’t leave your system’s safety and functionality to chance. Call us today to request a thorough evaluation and no-obligation estimate.


Prevent the Need for Emergency Repairs With Scheduled AC Maintenance

By scheduling yearly professional maintenance, Jacksonville’s business owners can keep their HVAC systems in peak condition and reduce the need for emergency repairs and replacement. Along with annual cooling service, there are a few things building owners can do themselves, such as changing the air filter regularly.

To learn how to maintain a commercial HVAC system, consult our checklist and service page. Keep in mind that proper HVAC maintenance extends a system’s lifespan and keeps it working efficiently, helping you save money and energy. Call or click today to learn more!

Count on the Team at Chills on Wheels for Fast, Professional Service

Why do Jacksonville’s business owners choose Chills on Wheels for their commercial HVAC maintenance and repair needs? The answer is simple: We’re available 24/7 and charge per job, not per hour, so there are no overtime charges to worry about.

Our friendly technicians offer upfront explanations of issues and easy-to-understand solutions, and we’ll help you decide what’s right for your needs. We do the job right the first time, and we stand behind our work.

Whether you’re scheduling routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we hope you’ll call us first. Get your company back on the right track with assistance from the pros at Chills on Wheels. Our friendly technicians are your Jacksonville commercial AC medics, and we’re here to meet your needs. Request additional information online or call today to book an appointment.

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