Commercial AC Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville businesses know that air conditioning systems are necessary to keep workers comfortable in indoor spaces. If the system hasn’t been maintained, the unit will fail at the worst time possible.

OSHA regulations require business owners to keep the properties at comfortable temperatures to prevent health risks. If the owners don’t set up air conditioning maintenance services, an OSHA violation is possible. By learning more about maintenance services, the owners know when to set up the services and keep the AC running for many years.

Cleaning the Entire System

AC Maintenance begins with a full system cleaning. Seasonal cleaning services are a requirement according to the product warranty instructions. The technicians clean the system completely and ensure all dirt and debris are removed from each component.

A fresh start on the season prevents the system from spreading allergens and other unwanted substances through the property. The full system cleaning cuts down on substances that increase worker absences and illnesses.

Test Thermostat for Proper Function

Commercial AC services involve testing components such as the thermostat. If the thermostat doesn’t read the temperature in the commercial building, the temperatures are not regulated, and the system could start cycling too often.

Frequent cycling is often caused by a faulty thermostat and drives energy costs up. By setting up maintenance services, the property owner finds out if the thermostat is faulty before the system is needed. Many HVAC professionals recommend using a programmable thermostat to control temperatures and the frequency at which the system operates.

Lubrication for Moving Parts

Cooling Service includes an assessment for the lubrication applied to all moving parts. If the parts do not have the proper lubrication, the parts can become damaged quickly. Even these small parts can cause major problems for a commercial air conditioning unit and prevent workers from performing tasks safely. When completing maintenance, the technicians apply the appropriate amount of lubricant to all moving parts in the system.

Testing All Major Components

All major components must perform as expected to keep the air conditioning system operational. If even one component fails, the surrounding parts work overtime to compensate for the loss. The results are multiple components that become damaged, and the system will fail.

Understanding the Warranty Instructions

The HVAC technician must complete all air conditioning maintenance services as directed in the product warranty. Manufacturers outline all instructions for maintaining their products and specify that the services must be completed by an HVAC professional.

If the owner doesn’t maintain the system as directed, the coverage under the warranty is void. The warranty provides coverage for certain repairs and replacements if the system fails. If the owner doesn’t get a professional to complete all required services, the manufacturer is not responsible for any product failures.

Does the System Need to Be Replaced?

A total system replacement is necessary when the repairs cost as much as a new unit. If a system has been repaired multiple times within one year, this is a sign that the system is failing. If the unit is at least 15 years old, the service providers recommend replacing the system altogether.

HVAC professionals offer sound advice for replacing the systems, including a full estimate for all systems that are the right size for the property. Some providers offer financing for the units to make the products more affordable for owners.


Where to Get AC Services

Chills on Wheels provides top-notch air conditioning maintenance services for all business owners in the service area. Air conditioning in Jacksonville is a must for everyone, and the systems keep commercial properties cool all summer long. Business owners can get more information about the services by setting up an appointment right now.

Air conditioning systems regulate the temperature inside the building and prevent major health crises related to the heat. In Jacksonville, the temperatures can become elevated and place everyone inside the property at risk if the temperatures are too high. The right system for the property can keep the temperatures cooler even while machines and other equipment are running.

HVAC professionals can provide sound advice for companies and help keep the property at a comfortable temperature all summer long. Routine maintenance services take just a short time and do a world of good for the units.

The systems can run far longer if a professional completes the services. According to studies, routine maintenance is the best way to find problem areas faster and get repairs as needed. By learning more about the services, business owners learn what to do when a problem arises.

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