Commercial AC Installation

Commercial AC Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

Business owners recognize the importance of a functioning HVAC system. If customers aren’t comfortable when they visit the business, they may choose to go elsewhere to spend their money. Furthermore, keeping employees becomes more of a challenge when the work environment isn’t pleasant. For these reasons and more, every business owner must ensure the facility’s air conditioner works when needed.
Importance of HVAC Services

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Every business needs to maintain its HVAC system. However, many people overlook this task as they deal with issues related to daily operations. When the system breaks down, they wonder what they could have done to prevent the problem. Every HVAC unit needs servicing a minimum of once a year to ensure it runs optimally. Nevertheless, there may be times when the unit needs servicing between these annual visits.

If you find the AC system cannot maintain a comfortable temperature in the building, call Chills on Wheels. HVAC maintenance is one of the Commercial AC services we offer. We’ll send a technician out to determine what the problem is, which helps to prevent downtime because of a malfunctioning system.

When a business must close because of a malfunctioning HVAC system, customers are inconvenienced. They must rearrange their schedule to visit the business again in the coming days or weeks. Some customers may choose to take their business elsewhere. Don’t lose out on revenue. Schedule an appointment with Chills on Wheels today to ensure your HVAC system works as intended.

The temperature fluctuating in different rooms signals there is a problem within the HVAC system. The same holds for a system that turns on and off frequently. Call us to see if a service call for regular maintenance will resolve the issue or if your system needs repairs.

Repairing an Air Conditioner

At times, maintaining the system won’t be enough to address the issues you are experiencing. Don’t worry. Our technicians undergo training to ensure they can handle any HVAC repair needs. The technician examines the system to detect all problems. They then make recommendations regarding repairs.

The problem could be that the system no longer cools the building efficiently or the system may have stopped working entirely. The technician looks for clogged drain lines, refrigerant leaks, ductwork that is no longer connected, or a faulty thermostat when finding the source of the issue. In certain situations, the technician will discover the compressor or motor needs replacing because of normal wear and tear.

Regardless of what you need when it comes to commercial AC repair, our team is ready to help. These friendly and professional individuals explain the problem in terms you can understand and offer repair options. You determine which solution we use, as it is your business.

There may come a time when the technician recommends the replacement of the system. When this day arrives, Chills on Wheels can be of help.

Is it Time for a Replacement?

Business owners often question whether they should repair the system they have or replace it with a newer model. Neither option is desirable, but the owner must decide between the two. When doing so, they want what is best for their organization.

Today, business owners find they have many options with commercial HVAC systems. Manufacturers continue to find new ways to improve existing technology. As a result, the business owner may find themselves confused over which option best meets their needs.

Chills on Wheels is here to help. Our technician will review all available options and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each as they relate to your building’s requirements. With this information, it’s easier to narrow the choices. Once you make this choice, the AC installation process begins.

While you may hesitate to spend the money on this new system, doing so pays off. Employees will be more comfortable and productive at work when they aren’t sweltering as they go about their daily tasks. Customers are more inclined to linger when they are comfortable in a business, and energy costs often decline with the installation of a new system. Keep this in mind when deciding how you should proceed once the time comes to repair or replace your existing HVAC unit.

Call Chills on Wheels for all your commercial HVAC needs. Our team brings knowledge and skills to every job we take on. Your satisfaction and comfort remain our top priorities. Regardless of what issues you are experiencing, we’ll fix them in a flash.

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