Air duct cleaning is the one service that often goes unnoticed. Face it; when we clean, we do not look in the ductwork, collecting dust, dander, dirt, and other microscopic debris floating in the air. This debris is circulating in your air system and into the rooms of your home or business. Chills on Wheels provide air duct cleaning to remove the built-up dirt and pollen that contribute to allergies and sinus problems.

If you are often dusting, your allergies or sinuses seem worse than usual or have a musty smell when your AC unit comes on, give us a call. We have specialized equipment that breaks the caked debris and dust from the walls of the ductwork and a powerful vacuum system that prevent dust and debris from flowing into the house.

Signs you may need your air ducts cleaned

  •   Dust gathers quickly on surfaces in the home.
  •   Allergies and sinuses are irritated.
  •   Musty smell when your AC unit is running.
  •   Visible dust on vents in the house.
  •   You own pets.

If you see any of the above signs, your air ducts may need cleaning.
If you are unsure, give us a call (904) 413-0911, we can check the ducts and let you know.