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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Jacksonville FL

Air duct cleaning is the one service that often goes unnoticed. Face it; when we clean, we do not look in the ductwork, collecting dust, dander, dirt, and other microscopic debris floating in the air. This debris is circulating in your air system and into the rooms of your home or business. Chills on Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc. provides air duct cleaning to remove the built-up dirt and pollen that contribute to allergies and sinus problems.

If you are often dusting, your allergies or sinuses seem worse than usual, or have a musty smell when your AC unit comes on, give us a call. We have specialized equipment that breaks the caked debris and dust from the walls of the ductwork and a powerful vacuum system that prevents dust and debris from flowing into the house.

When you’re ready for professional air duct cleaning services in Jacksonville, call the HVAC professionals at Chills on Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc. so that we can help get your home’s ductwork cleaner than ever before!

Professional Duct Cleaning For Professional Results

To provide you with the highest quality of air duct cleaning, our team undergoes training that helps keep us up to date with the latest and greatest HVAC technology and practices. This allows us to always bring you the quality duct cleaning services that your home’s ductwork needs and deserves so that you can rest assured that your HVAC cleaning service is in good hands.

Knowing how to effectively use the latest in air duct cleaning technology, we’re able to get your home’s air ducts cleaner than ever before! This specialized equipment can be used by professionals to eliminate stubborn build-ups, and hard-to-get areas within your ductwork for an efficient, and thoroughly clean job.

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Duct Cleaning Improves Your IAQ

You spend a lot of time within your home. Whether you’re relaxing over the weekend, hanging out with family and friends, or even sleeping, you’re constantly breathing in the air that your ductwork circulates. One way you can improve the quality of air that you and everyone within your home are breathing in daily is with trusted air duct cleaning services in Jacksonville.

Your home’s IAQ, also known as indoor air quality, depends on a variety of factors. The main one is the cleanliness of your home’s ductwork. When you have clean and well-maintained ductwork, it helps improve your indoor air quality leaving you with healthier, and more refreshing air to breathe.

Without the build-up of excess dust and debris laying around in your ductwork, you’ll notice the difference in your IAQ immediately. Helping to relieve the symptoms of things such as allergies and asthma, keeping your home’s ductwork clean is important for your health and your home’s well-being.

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Reduce Your Airborne Pollutants

While the effects of professional air duct cleaning are noticeable almost immediately, some of the benefits will go unseen. Airborne pollutants and contaminants are naturally floating around within the air that we all breathe daily. Some of these can affect people in negative ways such as those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

Having your home’s ductwork professionally cleaned can help eliminate and reduce the amount of harmful airborne particles and contaminants that float within your home’s air. While this isn’t seen, it can often be felt by helping to reduce symptoms and severity of respiratory problems and allergies.

When To Clean Your Ductwork

So how often should you have your Jacksonville home’s ductwork professionally cleaned? Well, it’s recommended that you schedule professional air duct cleaning services at least once every 3 to 5 years depending on where you live.

In some areas, it’s recommended more often due to increased air pollution, weather, and climate. However, in Jacksonville, FL, you should schedule professional air duct cleaning services with the experts at Chills on Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc. about every 3 years to ensure the cleanest, and highest quality of air for your home.

Here are some common signs you may need your air ducts cleaned


  • Dust gathers quickly on surfaces in the home.
  • Allergies and sinuses are irritated.
  • Musty smell when your AC unit is running.
  • Visible dust on vents in the house.
  • You own pets.
If you have questions about our air duct cleaning services, give us a call today so that one of our experienced team members can help answer all of your ductwork questions and get you scheduled for a professional HVAC cleaning.

Jacksonville’s Duct Cleaning Experts

We pride ourselves on delivering quality air duct cleaning services that you can always count on. It’s our mission to become your go-to team of HVAC professionals in Jacksonville for all of your HVAC service, installation, cleaning, or repair needs.

So if you’re ready to experience quality HVAC cleaning services from a team you can trust, call Chills on Wheels Heating & Air Contractors, Inc. at (904) 413-0911, or contact us online. We’re here to help ensure that your home’s ductwork and HVAC system is clean, reliable, and delivering the results that you need and expect from it to take on the Jacksonville Florida heat

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