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AC Maintenance Services In Jacksonville, FL

AC maintenance services are important for homeowners in Jacksonville, especially before and during the summer months. The sub-tropical climate can be beautiful and give residents a wonderful place to spend the summer, but an air conditioner is a must to decrease common risks related to the heat. If the property owner’s air conditioner isn’t maintained properly, the system could fail when it’s needed the most.

HVAC technicians complete air conditioning maintenance services according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the product warranty. The warranty offers exceptional coverage for the system and replaces faulty components or the system if the unit doesn’t last the full 15 years. By completing maintenance services, the owner extends the life of the system.

Seasonal Cleaning Services – AC Maintenance

Annual Cooling Services start with a seasonal cleaning of the interior and exterior unit. The property owner must set up the cleaning services before the start of the season. If the cleaning services are performed before the owner turns on the unit, the owner gets a fresh start on the season and won’t have to worry about any debris circulating through the home. The technicians clean each component and ensure that all contaminants, pollutants, and allergens are removed properly.

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Lubricating Moving Parts

AC maintenance includes assessing proper lubrication for all moving parts inside the unit. If the parts are not lubricated, there is a risk of damage. The manufacturer requires the HVAC technicians to complete the application according to the warranty’s instructions. If the parts are not lubricated when the damage happens, the warranty won’t provide adequate coverage to replace the components.

AC Maintenance: Checking Air Filters

Air filters must be replaced frequently to prevent blockages in the system. The filters collect debris as the substances flow through the system. Typically, the air filters remain in the unit for up to 30 days. However, if there are circumstances causing the filters to become dirty sooner, the owner must change the filters more often. The technicians will assess the air filters to ensure the owner is using the correct product for the system.

Assessing the Ductwork

The ductwork must be structurally sound and shouldn’t allow air to leak underneath the home. Even a minor crack in the ductwork can increase the risk of air loss and higher energy costs. Signs of rust and damage require fast action, and the technicians should replace the ductwork if the system is no longer viable.

If the owner has to set up a total system replacement, the technicians assess the ductwork to determine if they need to be replaced. The ductwork must be the correct size for the current air conditioning unit.

Managing Repairs for Any Issues

If the system needs repairs, the HVAC technicians will complete a full estimate of the services for the owner. The repairs should be scheduled as quickly as possible to keep the system running properly. All services must comply with the manufacturer’s warranty to retain coverage for the owner.

Does the Unit Require Replacement?

Air Conditioning Services also include a total replacement of the system. If the AC is at least 15 years old, the technicians may recommend a new installation. If repairs just aren’t feasible, the technicians will provide details about new units to the property owner. When choosing a new unit, the owner must find a product that is energy efficient and affordable.

Where to Get AC Maintenance Services ?

Chills on Wheels offers a variety of AC services to keep area homes at a comfortable temperature all summer long. The HVAC professionals complete a variety of services including repairs, inspections, and new installations. Property owners can learn more about the services by contacting the service provider now for an appointment.

Air conditioning systems are vital in the Florida heat, and all homeowners need to set up maintenance services before the start of summer. The perfect time for maintenance is right before the temperatures increase in the spring, and the services will eliminate all pollen that accumulates in the unit.

HVAC professionals understand the importance of completing maintenance services as directed in the product warranty. With routine maintenance, AC units last longer and continue to keep area homes at a comfortable temperature.

The subtropical climate can be unpredictable, and the temperatures can become extreme quickly. A reliable air conditioning unit in Jacksonville is an absolute must for all homeowners. If the units fail, the owners and their families could face health risks. By learning more about maintenance services, the owners discover the best time to set up maintenance and get the most value from the unit.

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