MYTH 1: Turning off your AC when you leave the house is a waste of energy.

BUSTED! It’s a common misconception that leaving your AC on and set to a higher temperature when you are not home is more efficient than completely turning it off. It always saves more energy to turn the system off when you are not using it.

MYTH 2: You only need to change your filter one time per year. 

BUSTED! A dirty filter will clog your system and reduce air flow. Changing or cleaning your filter every few months or more will help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently and eliminate clogging your system. 

MYTH 3: The bigger the HVAC system the better. 

BUSTED! If the system that you have is too large, it will keep cycling on and off which will use more energy to operate and cost more money.  It also will shorten the lifespan of your unit. 

MYTH 4: You should close your air vents in empty rooms or rooms that you do not frequent. 

BUSTED! Closing vents will increase the air pressure in the ducts and can cause leaks at the vent seams. 

MYTH 5: The location of your thermostat does not affect the heating and cooling. 

BUSTED! If the thermostat is located too close to the vents, radiators or windows, it can cause the unit to shut off prematurely or keep it running longer than it should. 

MYTH 6: My unit does not need routine maintenance. 

BUSTED! An HVAC system is a complex mechanical system that needs to be tuned just like a car. Annual maintenance can save you money on your energy bills, prevent unnecessary future repairs, and extend the life of your unit. 

MYTH 7: An energy efficient system will automatically reduce my energy bill. 

BUSTED! Having an energy efficient system is a good start to lowering your energy bill, however if you have leaky windows, poor insulation, or issues with your duct work, the unit still will not run efficiently. Regular maintenance on these systems is still necessary to keep your energy bill down. 

At Chills On Wheels Heating & Air, our customer are like family. YOU are why we are here. If you have any questions regarding your system or best practices for saving money on your energy bill, GIVE US A CALL. We are always willing to help. 

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